The first declaration of Occupy Helsinki

Julistus Suomeksi / Declaration in Finnish

The first declaration of Occupy Helsinki

We are Occupy Helsinki. We don’t define ourselves through political
views, social status or any other external factor; we represent
ourselves and no one from us represents the whole movement alone. We
have gathered from 20th of October 2011 onwards to Kansalaistori
square in Helsinki and created a space that we have renamed as
Ihmisten tori, Folks’ square. We are searching new viewpoints and
operations models to find alternatives to the current global political
and economical structures. May this declaration be the foundation and
the signpost for the Occupy Helsinki movement.

We are conscious of the fact that the current structures are leading
us towards a global social, economical, political and ecological
catastrophe: to a world where one can’t make a living by working,
where ordinary people can’t influence issues concerning them, where
even the richest countries are drowning in debt and human value is
measured only with the profit of one’s labour. We hold the opinion
that economical greed is also outweighing ecological well-being and
the current measures in favor of the enviroment are completely

Our concern is justified and we are not alone. Hundreds of thousands
of people around the world, for example in the Spanish democracy
movement and Occupy Wall Street movement have gathered to plan a
different kind of world. A world where everything would not be on
sale, but instead of competitiveness the welfare of all would be the
most important thing and where we would treat our enviroment with

We don’t want to only protest. We are upholding an open space, where
we can think together how a socially and ecologically more sustainable
world could be possible. For us one concrete embodiment of change is
the General assembly, that gathers in Ihmisten tori every day at 6 PM
holding to the principles of respecting other people, freedom of
opinion and non-violence. We invite you to manifest your views and to
participate or to put an Occupy into action where ever you are.

Occupy Helsinki!

Tel: 046-5460570



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